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I am Felix Nawjuk, 16 and passionate developer and computer enthusiast. I started programming simple applications in Visual Basic when I was 11, now I program the most common programming languages and have a lot of experience in software development, IT infrastructure management and IT security.
My area of expertise is Python, but I am also experienced in developing chatbots, managing databases and hosting with Linux.
I am looking forward to working with you, please contact me!


Development of Discord Bots

April 2017 - today

I've probably programmed dozens of Discord Bots by now

There is almost no area of programming that I am so familiar with, the Discord API.
I've programmed almost everything on chatbots now. A Discord Bot from my early days is currently active on several thousand servers.
In addition, there are numerous orders and other bot projects.

German Development Community

Sept 2017 - today

Founder of one of the largest German Development Communities on Discord

In September I founded a Discord Server for German developers, which is now one of the largest German-speaking developer communities.
The administration and organization of this project gave me a lot of experience in community management.

Discord Server Management for YouTubers

2018 - today

Administration and technical management of Discord servers for some big German YouTubers

With my experience on Discord and the technical administration I bring the communities together for a long time and save the YouTubers annoying moderations and administration tasks.

Administration of Discord largest global Ban List

May 2018 - today

Hosting, Maintance, Moderation and Administration of the infrastructure for Discords largest global ban list for known ToS violators and raiders.

Staff on other Discord servers

2018 - today

Bot lists and other communities

In addition, I work as a moderator or management on a few other Discords servers, also as a manager of several botlists.

Engagement in local institutions

2015 - today

In my spare time I am involved in local associations and working groups in the IT sector.


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